How to Blow Up the Citidel on Fallout 3?

Answer The Broken Steel expansion pack for Fallout 3 introduces a new quest line that takes place after the events of the main Fallout 3 quest. In the final stretch of Broken Steel, you must infiltrate Ad... Read More »

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What to do if you need to blow your nose and have nothing to blow it on?

suck it back in baby! Suck it back in!!!!

How to Fix "Fallout 2" on XP?

If the game "Fallout 2" causes problems on Windows XP, it may need an installation repair that can be done through the control panel. This repair will replace all of the system files with fresh cop... Read More »

How to Use V.A.T.S in Fallout 3?

If you love playing Fallout 3 but aren't sure how to V.A.T.S (Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System) then this guide will help you. V.A.T.S is useful when you are being attacked by an enemy far away ... Read More »

Who is the android In fallout 3?

to find that out you have to go to the broken bow of Rivet City. there are two doors: one is a very hard lock on the side of the bow, and one is underwater. the underwater one is at the jagged side... Read More »