How to Blow Out a Bob Hair Cut?

Answer Bobs look cute curly and wavy, but the shape of your hairstyle will really shine and flatter when you blow dry it smooth. If you simply attack your hair with a blow dryer, what you intend to be a s... Read More »

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How long do I have to blow dry my hair to get results for sun in. (btw my hair is medium brown)?

Heat from a hair dryers does NOT GIVE the same result as heat from the sun.

Does straightning hair and blow drying damage your hair really?

Heat and chemicals do affect your hair. Maybe right now her hair looks great but there are many reasons it could change.1. If her hair is very short and she gets it cut regularly, then the damage ... Read More »

How do I Blow Out Hair Like a Dominican Hair Stylist?

A Dominican blowout is a hairstyling technique made popular by Dominican hairstylists in New York City. This style is appealing because of its low cost and easy maintenance. Women who aren't able t... Read More »

Is blow drying your hair really bad does it really damage your hair?

It depends on how often you blow dry and the type of blow dryer you have. If you own a cheap blow dryer, don't use heat protectant and you blow dry every day, you can bet your hair will be damaged.... Read More »