How to Blow Insulation Into Existing Interior Walls?

Answer Blown-in insulation is designed to fill the walls of a house that was built without insulation (as most older houses were), without having to rip open the walls. If you can take off part of the ext... Read More »

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How do I blow insulation into old plaster walls?

Cut the HolesFind each stud in the wall by a driving a long nail in about 6 inches from the ceiling. Once you find the first one, you should find the others every 16 inches. Use a drill with hole-s... Read More »

How do I blow in insulation?

PreparationRemove a strip of the exterior siding of the home at just below the level of the ceiling inside. Locate the studs in the exterior wall, using a long nail or stud finder. Put holes betwee... Read More »

How to Blow in Cellulose Insulation?

Does your house feel cold in the winter and hot in the summer even though your utilities are sky high? Do you know if your walls and attic are insulated? If your walls and attic aren't insulated ce... Read More »

How do I blow insulation into the space between floors?

Cordon the Attic Into Four SectionsClear the attic of any obstructions, and ensure no vents are blocked. Cordon off the attic into four sections. Place yardsticks against the wall in each of the se... Read More »