How to Blow Humongous Bubbles?

Answer We all know how to blow bubbles-just dip the wand in the bubble soap and blow, right? But what if we want to make extraordinarily big bubbles? Read this article to find out how to make humongous bu... Read More »

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How to Blow Bubbles?

Do you admire soap bubbles, floating throughout the air and reflecting beautiful colors onto their shiny surface? Ever wanted to make them yourself? Read on for a fun and easy way to do so.

What's the best bubble gum to blow really big bubbles?

Doubble bubble: 2 pieces that have been chewed for at least 5 min :)

How to Blow Saliva Bubbles?

How to blow natural saliva bubbles out of your mouth. Endless fun with a cat or dog.


it took me a long time....chew the gum and place it around the opening of your mouth and stick your tounge out to stretch it....then pull back in your tounge and blow.......hope i helped!