How to Blow Dry Hair With a Diffuser?

Answer Every time you blow dry your hair it ends up looking frizzy. Maybe your hair stylist keeps telling you that you should use a diffuser, but you have yet to give it a try. Blow drying your hair wit... Read More »

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How to Blow Dry Curly Hair with a Diffuser?

A bowl diffuserA diffuser is an attachment for a blowdryer that softens the airflow and creates less frizz on curly and wavy hair types. It also gives the hair more volume and spring than air-dryin... Read More »

What is a blow dryer diffuser?

A blow dryer diffuser is an attachment that fits onto the blow dryer nozzle that diffuses air flow throughout a greater surface space, much like a shower head does for a pipe. It can help hair to d... Read More »

How to Dry Hair With a Diffuser?

A diffuser is an attachment that you put on the end of your handheld blow-dryer. It distributes and breaks up the heat for a less aggressive blow-dry. Drying your hair using this method prevents fr... Read More »

How to Use a Hair Diffuser?

A hair diffuser is a cone or bowl-shaped styling tool that attaches to the end of your hair dryer. Hair diffusers are typically sold at beauty supply stores. They are usually made of hard plastic b... Read More »