How to Blog About Your Life Without Being a Bore?

Answer Blogging has almost become a new form of journaling for some--eager to put their thoughts on the web for anyone to read. While many professional bloggers write about a consistent topic (entertainme... Read More »

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How to Stop Being a Bore?

Are you quickly becoming a boring person because all you do is talk about yourself, your interests, or about nothing of interest? With a few simple changes, you can stop being a bore.

When you have a blog on and your privacy settings are on public, who can see your blog?

Most likely everyone and anyone who visits your blog. Hence the setting public. Hope this helps. Good luck. and if you don t want that, try changing your settings.

What should you do if your son is 6 years old and his birth father who has known about him all his life but never seen him now wants to be involved in his life?

My son, who is 24 years old now had never met his biological father until he was 15 years old. His father contacted me after years of not even knowing where he lived and asked permission to meet hi... Read More »

How to Tell Your Parents About Your First Kiss Without Them Going Crazy About It?

Ever feel guilty about not telling your parents about your first kiss? This may be hard, but hopefully this will work for everyone's parents. Good luck!