How to Blog About Your Life Without Being a Bore?

Answer Blogging has almost become a new form of journaling for some--eager to put their thoughts on the web for anyone to read. While many professional bloggers write about a consistent topic (entertainme... Read More »

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Should I open a Twitter account so that I can bore people with meaningless details from my unexeptional life?

If you do that I am sure that I can find several suckers who will sign up in the hopes that your sex life will be included."I just got done with servicing the boss under his desk.""Carpet burns on ... Read More »

How to Bore a Sighting With a Laser Bore Sighter?

Using a laser bore sighter is a quick, safe and inexpensive method of sighting in your rifle. Laser bore sighters come in two varieties: a bullet shaped laser which is placed into the rifle's chamb... Read More »

How do I create a link on my tumblr blog that directs to my friends blog?

Once you are logged in and on your dashboardClick and go to your blog linkNow go to customize themeOn the left panel you can see pagesYou can add a page and place the link as you want.This way you ... Read More »

What is a good blog website where I can keep a personal or public blog for free?