How to Block the Wastegate on a 12V?

Answer The Cummins 12V turbodiesel engine that was available in 1994 through 1998 Dodge Ram three-quarter-ton and one-ton trucks has seen wide use among performance enthusiasts. The 12V is a strong engine... Read More »

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Where do the vacuum lines go on a wastegate?

Vacuum line kit instructions say that the large plastic T connector or fitting is spliced into the brake booster line just behind the air filter; otherwise, you must drill into the intake manifold,... Read More »

Wastegate Piping Instructions?

The bypass filter used with turbocharged engines is called a wastegate. The purpose of this filter is to regulate the flow of the engine's exhaust gases -- diverting the gases away from the turbine... Read More »

External Wastegate Installation Instructions?

Wastegates regulate boost in turbocharged engines, an important safety function to prevent overboosting and potential engine damage. There are two kinds of wastegates: internal and external. Extern... Read More »

A block of wood in the form of a cuboid 3″ × 9″ × 14″ has all its six faces painted blue. If the wooden block?

294. All of the ones touching the outside would have paint, so you just need to figure out how many DON'T. You will have one layer, since the top 1" and bottom 1" will have paint. Subtract the o... Read More »