How to Block a Monologue for an Acting Audition?

Answer Actors commonly have to prepare a monologue for an acting audition. While this is less common in film and television, actors who are auditioning for collegiate programs or the theatre are wise to h... Read More »

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How to Choose an Audition Monologue?

Auditioning can be an intimidating thing, and choosing a monologue can be hard. How do you know what to choose?

How to Pick an Audition Monologue?

Picking the proper monologue is a key ingredient to getting the part you desire. You need a monologue that fits you and your abilities.

How to Avoid a Bad Monologue Audition?

If you are performing a monologue at an audition, your next job is entirely in your own hands. You can spend all the time you want rehearsing and don't have to rely on the skills of a scene partner... Read More »

How to Perform a Monologue in Acting Auditions?

As nerve racking as it is, it's pretty easy once you do the homework. Monologues are just speeches and with some help anyone can do it!