How to Block Someone from Viewing a Linkedin Profile?

Answer LinkedIn is a social networking site focused on professional networking for businesses and colleagues. The site allows you to connect with co-workers, look for jobs and business opportunities, and ... Read More »

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How do I get a LinkedIn profile removed from a search directory?

Hide Your Profile From SearchesOn the LinkedIn website, click on "Profile." On the right side of the screen, choose "Edit Public Profile Settings." Click the "None off" button.References:"Sams Teac... Read More »

How do I block people from viewing my pictures on facebook?

When you're tagged in a photo it appears on your timeline. Just go click to little icon that appears on the top right when you put the cursor on the photo. You can hide it from your timeline. But p... Read More »

How do I block children from viewing inappropriate websites?

Keep An Eye on ThemPlace the computer in a central area of the house, such as the living room or the family room. Be aware when your children are on it and check in periodically to see that they ar... Read More »

If someone block me on Facebook, can I see her profile when I type first letters of her name in the URL bar?

if someone blocks you, neither of you can see anything the other does anymore - and neither of you can see each other's profiles anymore