How to Block Private Callers on a House Phone?

Answer Anonymous Call Rejection can be used to prevent private callers from calling your house phone. When a call is placed to your home from a blocked number, a message informs the caller that you are no... Read More »

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How to block the number of prank callers, is it *67 on house phone?

*77 will block private callers - you do this when you have dial tone not when they are on the line - free included with caller ID service*60 is call block - you add the numbers you want to block fr... Read More »

How do i block callers who have blocked thier phone number from calling my house?

Normally it's a feature of your phone company. Barr withheld numbers or something like that. Look online or give them a call. They can do it

How do I block harassing callers from a cell phone?

Contact the PoliceHarassment via cell phone is illegal in most states and you should report it to the police immediately. The police are well-equipped to handle such cases.Contact Your Cell Phone S... Read More »

How to Block Private Calls From a Cell Phone?

When you receive anonymous or private calls from a cell phone, you may feel certain that it's from somebody with whom you don't want to speak. People make private calls when they want to hide their... Read More »