How to Block Annoying People on Facebook Chat?

Answer Is someone annoying pestering you on Facebook chat? Just move them on your "Blocked list."

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How to Block Someone in Facebook Chat?

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How to Block People on Facebook?

If someone has been spamming you or hassling you out on Facebook, you can block them so that they can't find or see your account. This article shows you how to block people or application invites, ... Read More »

How Can I Take People Off My Facebook Block List?

Facebook is a free social networking website that allows you to create profile page, add information such as the schools you've attended, jobs you've held and even your relationship status. In addi... Read More »

How to block people from seeing pictures on facebook?

You cant block two people from seeing that pic. If that photo's audience is friends or friends of friends then You can add them to restricted list, then they wont see it. Go to privacy settings, yo... Read More »