How to Block ATDMT Cookies Permanently?

Answer ATDMT cookies are types of tracking message files that record information about your Internet habits, including what pages you visit, the links you click and what you search for. While most cookies... Read More »

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How do I block Google ads permanently?

Blocking Ads in Mozilla FirefoxOpen Firefox and download Adblock Plus. Click on the link labeled “Add to Firefox,” then click “Install Now.” Click “Restart Firefox” to complete the inst... Read More »

Is there a way to permanently block someone on Facebook with no way of unblocking them?

your question is confusingyour boyfriend is logging into your account? that's a horrible ideano, there is no way to hide her from your own block listchange your password and stop letting your boyfr... Read More »

How can I permanently block a website, on Google Chrome?

Locate your "hosts" file. Type the IP address of the porn site and a fake address.Example: is the loopback address pointing to your computer so any at... Read More »

How do I block website cookies?

Block Website Cookies for Internet Explorer 7 and 8Click on the "Start" button and click on "Internet Explorer" to launch a browser window. Click on the "Tools" button from the top menu and click "... Read More »