How to Bless Unblessed Symbols on "RuneScape"?

Answer "RuneScape" is an online role-playing game. Players create an avatar and take it on adventure across a fantasy landscape. Along the way, they can accumulate a horde of treasures, some of which they... Read More »

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How to Bless a Cross?

Even if you are an ordained priest or minister, your blessing is not a "guarantee" of anything, but rather a plea to God. A blessed object does not directly give grace like the sacraments but rathe... Read More »

How to Bless Someone?

Want to know how to bless someone for the Lord, in the Lord then you are fortunate to be here. This is how below.

In Scrooge who said 'God bless us everyone'?

Who said 'God bless us every one'?

Tiny Tim, from the popular book, Charles' Dicken's "A Christmas Carol."