How to Blend a Three-Stage Paint Touch-Up?

Answer Three-stage car paint consists of a base color, which is the solid color of the car, a pearl or metallic powder that is mixed with clear coat to make the second stage, and regular clear coat paint ... Read More »

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How to Blend Car Paint?

Accidents happen with any type of vehicle. The damage caused by accidents may eventually require body work to be done on your car. Once your car has gone through the necessary body work, it will tu... Read More »

How to Blend Oil Paint?

One of the biggest draws of using oil-based paints as a medium is the time it takes oil paint to dry. Because oil paint can take several days or even weeks to fully dry depending on temperature and... Read More »

How to Blend Scratches in Car Paint?

Motor vehicle owners are proud of their automobile's finish, especially when polished to a lustrous shine. Every motorist knows at one point or another that his vehicle will become scratched or ble... Read More »

How to Blend Acrylic Paint?

Blending Acrylic Paints is a very painstaking yet professional way of blending paints. The results are almost always worth the extra effort.