How to Blend a Panel in Automotive Painting?

Answer Automotive painting isn't the easiest thing to do; but when it comes to blending paint on a panel, it can be very difficult. When a small area is repaired and repainted, the new paint won't match t... Read More »

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How to Blend in Automotive Paint?

Touching up the car's paint is a minor but necessary repair if you want your ride looking good. If you've been in a minor collision or some thoughtless driver has scraped off your car's paint in a ... Read More »

How to Blend Automotive Paints?

Automotive paints are becoming more complex in an effort to reduce VOC emissions. Material usage is being minimized in most major body shops as a means of lowering operating costs and protecting th... Read More »

How to Blend in Automotive Paint Patches?

Touch-up paint can mask key marks, chipped paint or scratches from minor accidents, but how well your touch-up job looks depends upon your blending skills. Learning how to blend in automotive paint... Read More »

How to Blend Auto Painting Over a Clear Coat?

Blending a solid or metallic paint color over an existing clear coat is a challenging task that requires a high level of automotive refinishing skill. By blending a panel instead of painting it com... Read More »