How to Blend Oil Pastels?

Answer Oil pastels offer a unique medium for your artwork, however the perfect orange for your sunset may not be in the box.

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How to Blend Pastels With the Finger?

Artists have worked with pastels since the 1400s. Pastels are portable and brilliantly colored and allow the artist a good deal of flexibility in terms of shading and layering the colors. Blending ... Read More »

How to Use Pastels?

Pastels are pigments mixed with a binder. Traditionally chalk was used as a binder, but today other materials are also used. Pastels allow you to layer and blend vibrant colors to create a soft loo... Read More »

How to Draw With Oil Pastels?

Drawing with oil pastels is a fun activity. However, some people avoid using oil pastels, because they can be so messy. If you want to learn how, follow the tips in this article, and you'll be maki... Read More »

What is the origin of oil pastels?

Oil pastels were first developed in the 1920s at the Sakura Crayon Company for use by children. The first professional quality oil pastels were designed in 1949 by Henri Sennelier.References:Oil Pa... Read More »