How to Bleed a Pool Pump?

Answer All pools, whether they are diatomaceous earth, sand or cartridge filters, have a pool pump. The pump is the motor for the filter that provides the suction power from the pool skimmer through the f... Read More »

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Does an idle pool or a pool with a pump running evaporate quicker?

Answer A boiling pot of water will boil faster if you stir it. I would expect it creates more surface area for heat exchange to occur, resulting evaporation. A pool should act the same.

Can I Use an Inground Pool Pump With an Above Ground Pool?

According to Poolcenter, an inground pool pump can be used with an above ground pool. If a low-head pool pump (head referring to the flow rate) was used with an inground pool that had fewer than 10... Read More »

The Best Way to Bleed a Pool Filter?

Pool owners have a choice between a sand, cartridge or diatomaceous earth pool filter systems. All three kinds of filters have a pressure gauge that helps determine how efficiently the filter is op... Read More »

How to Bleed a Honda PS Pump?

The power steering system on a Honda assists the driver in turning the wheels. Without power steering, even small cars can be difficult to turn. When functioning properly, the power steering pump f... Read More »