How to Bleed a Hydraulic Cylinder on a Car Lift?

Answer Hydraulic cylinders act as shock absorbers on a variety of machinery types. One piece of machinery that relies on these devices is a car lift. Hydraulic car lifts use these cylinders to smoothly ra... Read More »

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Do You Have to Bleed a Hydraulic 2-Way Cylinder?

Hydraulics are used extensively in modern farming, industrial and construction equipment. Hydraulic cylinders are either single action, in which the hydraulic pressure forces the cylinder to extend... Read More »

How to Bleed a Hydraulic Clutch Slave Cylinder?

Air in the slave clutch cylinder will make your brakes feel spongy and reduce their effectiveness. The incompressible nature of brake fluid allows all of the energy you apply to the pedal to be tra... Read More »

How to Bleed a New Master Cylinder for a Hydraulic Clutch?

After installing a new master cylinder for a hydraulic clutch, you have to bleed the air out of the system. Professional mechanics use heavy-duty vacuum pumps to quickly suck the air bubbles out of... Read More »

How to Manually Bleed the Hydraulic Clutch on a Master Cylinder?

Air may enter the brake system of a vehicle if the level of brake fluid gets too low in the master cylinder reservoir, if a new hydraulic clutch was installed, or if there was a leak in one of the ... Read More »