How to Bleed a Brake on a Front Wheel?

Answer Anytime a hydraulic brake component on the front braking system of your car is replaced, a bleeding procedure is required. Hydraulics rely on constant pressure from the fluid, and when compromised,... Read More »

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How to Bleed the Brake Lines After a Front Brake Job?

Whenever any component is removed from the brake system, air is likely to get into the brake lines. The brakes on a vehicle cannot function correctly if there is any air in the brake lines. Bleedin... Read More »

How to Bleed Brakes After Installing a Brake Wheel Cylinder?

Component replacement can be difficult when repairing a brake hydraulic system, but the job is not complete until all the air has been purged from the new part. Air may have also been introduced t... Read More »

How to Bleed a CR85 Front Disc Brake?

Bleeding your Honda CR85's front brake line removes air and old fluid from the system. This is a maintenance and safety issue. If air gets in the system, the braking can become too "spongy" to stop... Read More »

Do I Have to Bleed the Front Brakes When Replacing Brake Pads?

Bleeding your brakes has to be done when you have replaced the master cylinder, brake booster or any brake lines. You will also want to bleed the brakes if you have replaced very bare brake pads. T... Read More »