How to Blast Your Blemish?

Answer Everybody gets zits now and then.Read on to learn how to zap yourzit!

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What is the correct blast media and pressure to bead blast pool tile?

AnswerThe traditional method uses sand or glass beads.Some cleaning companies use a media that is softer than the tile to avoid damage to the surface.Specially processed sodium bicarbonate (baking ... Read More »

How to keep your face smooth and blemish free the natural way?

Smooth, blemish-free skin gives a feeling of confidence, but often hormones and genetics make us more susceptible to acne. Though these may be beyond your control, improving blemishes for softer, s... Read More »

Have you ever had to blast your internet radio because your office is next to the toilet?

No, but I run the water if I know someone is near. You wouldn't hear anything if I was your coworker.

How to Have a Blast With Your Pet Rock?

You and your pet rock are bored, sitting at home. What do you do? Read on!