How to Blackout Car Lights?

Answer Many people black out their automobile lights to make their car unique. While there are many techniques for accomplishing this, spray tinting your lights is the easiest and safest way. This is a gr... Read More »

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How to Blackout Tail Lights?

Every year, thousands of cars are produced in the same make, model, and color. Modifying the appearance of your vehicle is a great way to stand out among the crowd. Several car owners choose to add... Read More »

Can one run a cord between a 5000W Powermate generator and a 240V garage outlet to power a few lights a fridge and TV during a blackout?

Answer Never do this! This may work (depending if your generator is delivering 110/220 or straight 220). However, this creates a severely DANGEROUS situation to the line workers - the people that... Read More »

How to Prepare for a Blackout?

Power outageMost of us take the luxury of electricity for granted, but it spawns plenty of inconvenience and safety concerns when storms or other electrical failures makes it go out. Being prepared... Read More »

How Can I Sign in on Blackout-RO?

Blackout-RO is a private online gaming server dedicated to the game "Ragnarok Online." "Ragnarok Online" allows users to live out their inner fantasies in a fully three-dimensional world complete w... Read More »