How to Bind Off (Crocheting)?

Answer The term "bind off" is used where a pattern requires that an item being crocheted is shaped in a certain area, such as an armhole. When your crochet pattern asks you to "bind off", here is what is ... Read More »

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What does HDC mean in crocheting?

The abbreviation "HDC" stands for "half double crochet" stitch in crochet patterns. A half double crochet stitch is taller than a single crochet, but shorter than a double crochet. Each of these st... Read More »

How to Travel With Your Crocheting?

Taking small crochet projects along with you as you travel is a great way to combat boredom. Keeping a small bag filled with all of the essentials can take you anywhere, from around the block to ar... Read More »

What does SCLP in crocheting mean?

The abbreviation SCLP in crocheting is a combination of two terms: single crochet and loop. Typically, use of this abbreviation signals you to insert your crochet hook in the next available stitch,... Read More »

What does the word tog mean when crocheting?

In crochet patterns, "tog" is an abbreviation for together. Other common abbreviations in crochet patterns include "sc," which means single crochet, "inc," which means increase, "dec," which means ... Read More »