How to Bike Over a Curb?

Answer It's very annoying having to stop your bike in order to get over the curb and onto the path but if you follow this guide you will be able to just keep going effortlessly.

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How to Jump a Curb With a Bike?

When biking around a city, getting off and onto sidewalks is a necessary evil. To get where you're going as quickly and efficiently as possible, it's best to stay on your bike as much as you can. A... Read More »

How to Jump off a Sidewalk Curb on a Bike?

Sidewalk curbs aren't just made to prevent cars from hitting pedestrians. When used correctly, it can make a good jump for a bike.

BMX Bike aka Freestyle Bike vs 49cc Pocket Bike vs 110cc Dirt Bike?

unless you live in an unpopulated area of new york state, not city. bmx. as the other said, exercise, also, no need to buy gas and oil to mix properly or kill it unless you get a 4 stroke. if you a... Read More »

Which way do I curb my car wheels when parking uphill where there is no curb?

If you are parking your car on the right side of the road facing uphill and the road has no curb, turn your front wheels all the way to the right. This way, if your car rolls downhill, it will rol... Read More »