How to Bid on a Drywall Taping Job?

Answer Learning how to bid on a drywall taping job is an important part of having an independent business. It has to be presented properly for the potential customer to consider the bid. If accepted, inco... Read More »

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What is the fair price for taping drywall per sq ft?

Depends on local conditions. Call some local drywall guys and ask them what they charge.

Columbia Drywall Taping Tools?

Drywall was invented in 1914 by the United States Gypsum Company as a cheaper alternative to plaster. The name "drywall" refers to the fact that you can nail it to the wall without waiting for the ... Read More »

How to Patch Cracks in Garage Drywall Taping?

Most garages are not climate-controlled. With temperature fluctuations and changes in humidity, drywall tape can loosen from the wall surface and crack or bulge. While the tape does not hold drywa... Read More »

How long would it take my breasts to sag if I keep taping them down.....?

i reckon they would take some taping, I am sure they are pert enough and will never sag