How to Betray on Halo 3?

Answer Has anyone ever taken your weapon on halo 3? If yes, here is a logical way to deal with this problem.

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How to Avoid People That Betray You on Halo 3?

Team mates trying to kill you, chasing you around trying to betray you for some kind of twisted joke? Halo 3's multiplayer can be annoying as it is without the constant bother of allies turning bad... Read More »

What made Nolan willing to betray his own country?

In Man Without a Country, Nolan was willing to betray because of the VP Burr who was putting bad thoughts in his mind and making Nolan confident about it

Did Dagny Taggart betray Eddie Willers by not telling him where Galt's Gulch was in 'Atlas Shrugged'?

She does not tell him because she did not know the exact location herself, so that would not be betrayal.Another view:Of course it was a betrayal. She knew how to get in contact with the men of the... Read More »

When you are hosting servers on halo pc or halo 2 vista are people actually connecting to your computer?

It is quite possible for someone to connect to your computer in such instances.Precautions should always be taken with environments established in this manner. There are several web sites with inf... Read More »