How to Bet on Craps?

Answer This method of betting on Craps was used by my Grandfather. I have used this method with great success.

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How to Play Craps?

If you've ever passed a craps table in a casino when a "hot shooter" was rolling the dice, you've probably wanted to play. Craps is a game in which everybody (except the house) can win together, an... Read More »

Tips on Playing Craps?

The liveliest spot in the casino, any casino, is generally the craps table. Small fortunes are won and lost, but the dirty little secret is that the house always wins. The odds edge to the house on... Read More »

How to Learn to Play Craps?

Unlike the clanging "one-armed bandit" slot machines or the quiet hush of the blackjack tables, the craps table is usually surrounded by cheering players working together to "beat the house." A cra... Read More »

How to Shoot Dice for Craps?

Shooting dice for craps is an easy task that anybody can accomplish simply by picking up the dice and tossing them down the table. However, you can learn to influence the results. Some skilled play... Read More »