How to Bert Slide on a Skateboard?

Answer A Bert slide is a trick invented long ago by the Z-Boys, who were inspired by the style of Larry Bertleman, a famous surfer of the time ("Bert" for short). If you saw the Dogtown movie, this is the... Read More »

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How to Do a Bert Slide on a Skateboard?

It's really easy if you have seen the movie Lords of Dogtown.It's a bert slide. It was first invented in surfing and is really called a Bertleman Slide or a Layback Slide. This move is based on mov... Read More »

How to Tailblock Slide on a Skateboard?

The tail-block slide is pretty much the easiest trick on a skateboard.

How to Heelflip Board Slide on a Skateboard?

These steps will help you to do a heel flip board slide. It will impress your friends and maybe get you fans.

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