How to Bend a Paper Clip to Hang Light Objects on Cubicle Walls?

Answer Something besides beige.Ah, the cubicle, home to office workers all over. The bland colored fabric walls are frequently supported by solid metal that refuses to admit any sort of thumb tacks or pin... Read More »

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How do I hang heavy objects on walls?

Screwing into Wood or a StudScrew hangers into a wooden wall with 1 1/2-inch or longer screws to hang heavy objects. If the wall is covered with drywall, find a stud by using a stud finder or by ta... Read More »

How do I clean cubicle walls?

Vacuum the WallsRemove any items that are hanging on your cubicle walls and set them aside. Set up a vacuum to use a vertical cleaning attachment, then vacuum the cubicle walls thoroughly to remove... Read More »

Im now starting to see yellow sperm cell shape lines on well light white walls paper etc?

How to Hang Pictures With Household Objects?

Do you only have access to common household items? Would you like to hang some pictures around your home? All you need is a tack, a paper clip, and tape!