How to Bench Test a Starter Using a 12 Volt Battery?

Answer Testing electrical devices on the workbench can be dangerous if directions are not followed completely. The worker must understand the functions of a solenoid and starter button and be able to wire... Read More »

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How to Create a 12 Volt DC Test Bench for Bullet Cameras Using an Old ATX Computer Power Supply?

Testing your bullet cameras off the bike when you are customizing wiring harnesses is a pain when you need power for them. This is especially true if you start chopping the OEM connectors off and b... Read More »

How to Bench Test a Starter Solenoid?

The introduction of electric starters on automobiles eliminated the difficult and potentially hazardous process of crank starting an engine. When the driver activates the ignition switch, a starte... Read More »

How to Test a 12 Volt Kohler Starter?

The Kohler Starter converts electrical energy from the battery into mechanical energy. This energy is what turns the engine over when you turn the ignition key. If the starter has a malfunction, th... Read More »

How to Test a 6 Volt Battery?

Six-volt batteries are used to power items such as motorcycles, golf buggies and wheelchairs. Two 6 volt batteries, wired in series to produce 12 volts, are also commonly used in recreational vehic... Read More »