How to Believe in God and Evolution?

Answer God and evolution do not have to be separate: many people easily understand and respect scientific theory and have complete faith in God, here's what you can say about it.

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How to Appreciate the Evolution of Architecture?

A clock can tell you the time but it can not tell you a time period. As for architecture it can. Architecture coincides with the time period in which it is created in. As time progresses and change... Read More »

Background for evolution from 2g to 3g?

tomorrow apple will have a metting and comfirm everything so far everything is a rumor

What Are the Different Theories of Evolution?

The evolution of life on Earth has been an object of intense debate, various theories and elaborate studies. Influenced by religion, early scientists agreed with the theory of divine conception of ... Read More »

How to Create Your Own Evolution Map?

Evolution is the scientific model of how the species of man developed over time. Millions of years of evolution bring together the theory that modern man first derived from ape-like ancestors. Addi... Read More »