How to Behave when Emailing?

Answer Cyberbullying and gossip is very common in emails. Don't join the dark side, because it can get pretty ugly. Remember that cyberbullying is illegal.

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I am having a problem with emailing a paper, what do i do?

Well it seems pretty simple thing to me. Scan the paper. Save the scanned file as PDF or JPG or if you have OMR/OCR reader as DOC, Open email, attach the file & send it.You do not attach the file t... Read More »

How do I get a person to STOP emailing me ?

Use a filter or a block on her email. Not just that one email; look through her emails and look for similarities. Does she always sign off the same way? Does she always some of the same numbers in ... Read More »

Can someone help me with scanning and emailing files?

YOU cannot scan a PDF file you can only prinit it out or scan it on line copy to files then E mail it as text or download file they can open in G mail !

How to Make Someone Stop Emailing You?

Okay, so let's say you get on your email. That guy emailed you. For the eighth time this week.Okay Okay, so he's sort of annoying. You delete the email again. Well, it's time to get him to stop.