How to Behave at War Memorials?

Answer When you go to war memorials anywhere in the world, you are at a place that is honoring a part of history usually associated with sadness and loss. As such, being at a war memorial requires a sombe... Read More »

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How many war memorials are there in Australia?

There are over 340 war memorials spread across Australia, according to the ANZAC Day Commemoration Committee. These memorials celebrate those who have served in armed conflicts in Australia's histo... Read More »

Grants for Memorials?

Memorials are erected to honor people who have passed away or events that have changed the world. Various government agencies provide funds for the construction, maintenance and conservation of mem... Read More »

Does Johnny Carson have memorials?

Sore ThroatCoughRunning noseSneezeVioce LossDrowsiness

Ideas for Public Memorials?

When a community loses a prominent member, the public often needs time to mourn. Funeral services and memorials allow friends, fans and family to grieve the loss and re-live memories. The uniquenes... Read More »