How to Behave Like a Superhero?

Answer The phenomenon of real life superheroes is one that has been growing over the past few years. These people usually disguise themselves in some kind of costume and fight crime. You don't necessarily... Read More »

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How to Act Like a Superhero?

In comic books, superheroes are the idols of many and often represent what is best about humanity. Although it's more than unlikely you will gain powers similar to comic book heroes, you can be a s... Read More »

How do you be a kid superhero?

If you want to become a kid superhero, you need to: expose yourself to radiation, get bitten by a supernatural spider, get involved in a secret government super soldier project, expose yourself to ... Read More »

Who wins who wants to be a superhero?

FeedbackH2O Man won Series 1 pf CBBC's Who wants to be a SuperheroHe got to meet Stan Lee, who created a superhero comic just for him!

How to Become a Parenting Superhero?

Too many parents let their kids be the boss. Just remember, if the child does not do what you ask them to do, you do not have to do what they ask you to do.