How to Begin to Recover from the Death of a Dear Friend?

Answer your heart is broken from missing your friend so muchYour friend is dead.There is no returning from death and your heart is broken, you cant stop crying and you feel like you have become a zombie. ... Read More »

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What exactly are 'mooncakes' I heard from a dear friend that its a Chinese traditional delicacy.?

i got a link of picture and recipe for you.yes they come in many forms such as black beans, egg yoke, recent years even in durian favours and differerent colors as in green and yellow. the tradtion... Read More »

Can a sibling recover in a wrongful death suit?

A wrongful death lawsuit makes a claim that someone died due to negligence, and that the death resulted in financial damage to the person bringing the suit. For instance, a wrongful death lawsuit m... Read More »

How to Recover From Being Ditched by Your Best Friend?

Losing a friend hurts. It may feel like you have just lost half your heart but thats not true. Here's how to recover from the pain without hurting anybody.

How to Deal With a Friend's Death?

Losing a friend is never going to be easy. Keeping your own sense of calm and maintaining your friend's memory are important elements of the grieving process. Accept that this is going to be a very... Read More »