How to Begin to Play the Trombone?

Answer Playing the trombone is something that will give you happiness and joy through music all your life. Here is how you can get started

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How to Play the Trombone?

Nothing can stop a trombone when it whips out its power. It's one of the deepest symphonic instruments, and one of the most powerful. There aren't many things that are more impressive than a rank o... Read More »

How to Play Jazz on the Trombone?

Some practise, and this could be you.Jazz is not a music genre, it's a way of life. Jazz has done so much for American music by giving a basis for pop, rock 'n' roll, and blues.

How to Play a Trombone With Braces?

Braces are a brass player's worst nightmare. Here's how to make playing with braces a little easier.

How to Play the Bass Trombone?

Because bass trombone players must learn to play the tenor trombone first, learning to play the bass trombone simply involves some modifications to good tenor trombone technique. The main changes a... Read More »