How to Begin With Reptiles?

Answer Keeping a little friend around the house is pretty cool. Especially reptiles as they don't need grooming or anything like a dog or cat would need.

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How old are reptiles?

Reptiles originated in the Paleozoic era, about 300 million years ago. The reptiles of this period lived only on land, like modern-day lizards. About 250 million years ago, dinosaurs became the dom... Read More »

When did reptiles first appear?

The very first reptiles emerged in the Paleozoic era, during the Carboniferous period. At first, they were primitive and confined to land. Following the Paleozoic era was the Mesozoic era, which wa... Read More »

Are earthworms reptiles?

Earthworms are not reptiles. They are classified as segmented worms, or annelids, which have no backbone or scales, both of which are characteristics typical of reptiles. A worm lizard lives in the... Read More »

What Characteristics Do Reptiles Have?

Reptiles are fascinating creatures that have a number of characteristics that separate them from the other animal classes. Keep in mind that no single characteristic makes an organism a reptile. It... Read More »