How to Begin Tatting?

Answer Tatting is an old craft used to make a type of lace. Tatting has experienced numerous periods of popularity, including during Victorian times and the 1950s and 60s. The English name of tatting is s... Read More »

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What is a tatting shuttle?

The art of tatting, adapted from the ancient skills of fishing net makers, creates lace by manipulating a shuttle to loop and knot thread into a decorative pattern. Although smaller than the net ma... Read More »

How to Use a Tatting Shuttle?

After you have read the basics for beginning tatting in Begin Tatting, it is helpful to learn step by step how to use a tatting shuttle to begin your tatting. It is assumed you have read Begin Tatt... Read More »

How to Choose Threads for Tatting?

Tatting threads are specialized; they need to be strong, smooth, of a good sheen and easy to work with. This article provides some tips on choosing tatting threads.

How to Wash Fine Tatting?

This article will show you how to wash fine tatting, like this one.Washing tatting needs to be done with care and definitely by hand. If you have inherited tatted heirlooms or you have made some ta... Read More »