How to Begin Overcoming Claustrophobia?

Answer Claustrophobia is an extreme fear of enclosed spaces. [1] It is an anxiety disorder and can cause panic attacks. The fear is often treated as irrational but to the person who suffers claustrophobia... Read More »

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Is There a Cure for Claustrophobia?

The treatments of choice are cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), behavioral therapy (basically exposure therapy), and in some cases use of medication (typically beta-blockers like propranolol or pi... Read More »

What Are Some Questions About Claustrophobia?

Medical News Today defines claustrophobia as an "anxiety disorder in which someone has an intense and irrational fear of confined and enclosed spaces." A closer look at claustrophobia raises many q... Read More »

Overcoming anxiety while driving?

It can take time to get over something like that. On my way to book my first test to try and get my provisional, I stopped at lights that were turning red but the bus behind had every intention of... Read More »

How to Teach Units on Overcoming Adversity?

Adversity is not a tangible topic, so formal instruction is difficult. Ideally, you want students to understand what the concept of adversity is and how it can affect aspects of a character's life.... Read More »