How to Begin Cooking in the Kitchen (for Kids)?

Answer If you're keen to show mom and dad you can cook, there are a few simple steps to follow to make sure things go smoothly.

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On Friday you had an terrible experience cooking in an industrial kitchen environment and now you are afraid of cooking in ovens as you have lost your confidence Can anyone explain if this is possible?

This is very possible. If you are Jewish and survived the holacost you might be afraid of ovens or industrial size oven. yea that's about it theres no other explanation

Cooking with few items in kitchen?

marinade pork in soy sauce, cooking white wine and allspice, you can add sugar which i'm sure you have (can be cooked grilled or roasted or fried or braised in its marinade- though i prefer the fir... Read More »

How to Remove Cooking Smells From a Kitchen Without a Stove Fan?

Cooking delicious meals is an enjoyable activity, resulting in a meal robust in taste and smell. When you are cooking with foods or spices that have strong smells, the cooking odors can linger long... Read More »

What is your Favorite smell of food cooking in kitchen and why?