How to Beg for Items on RuneScape?

Answer Have you ever known someone who had all kinds of great stuff, and you didn't know how they got it? Well, it's a safe bet to guess they've done some begging in their time, while they probably won't ... Read More »

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How to Get Holiday Items on RuneScape?

Holiday items started in RSC (RuneScape Classic). Holiday items come up only on certain holidays (surprised?). They are usually different every time, and usually untradeable.

How to Get Rare Items on RuneScape?

There are several rare or discontinued items out there. While getting a super-rare item at little to no cost to you may not be possible, here's a guide on obtaining the rares of today...and tomorrow!

How to Transfer Items in RuneScape?

Although it may be against the RuneScape rules, many players like to transfer items between their accounts. Contrary to popular belief, this is even possible with just one computer. If you want to ... Read More »

How to Lend Items on RuneScape?

Confused about lending? Here's an idea.Item lending is a new idea that Jagex invented shortly after introducing trade limits. While it sometimes may be confusing, item lending is safe and easy.