How to Befriend a Horse?

Answer Horses know friendship too, and with dedication, you can be the friend as well.Dogs aren't the only pets you can befriend. Horses have an understanding of friendship as well. With time and effort, ... Read More »

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How to Befriend a New Cat?

When you bring a new kitten home, it takes some time to adjust. Here are some tips to make your kitten less nervous.

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How to Befriend Someone With OCD?

Argh! Why can't you be organised??Do you have a new friend with OCD and are unsure of how to go about your friendship without it being awkward or frustrating? Then this is the article for you!

How to Befriend Someone?

Everyone needs friends,right? Befriending someone can be very rewarding. You get someone who you can share all your experiences with, have a good time hanging out together and forge lasting relatio... Read More »