How to Become the Funniest Person in Class?

Answer Have you ever watched Family Guy or Kat Williams and wanted to crack jokes on people just like them? Well maybe you should learn a couple of things from this article before deciding to be funny.

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Who Is The Funniest person On Tv?

They have an American comedy over here, something to do with the White House.They have this redneck called 'Bush' in charge, and he must be the dumbest S.O.B. on TV. Its hilarious.

Who is the funniest person on youtube?

bears61423 or muslim fortune tellerhaha classic he is good!

Best answer to the person who can find the funniest picture on google!?…I laughed so hard(apologies if you find this offensive)

How to Be the Quietest Person in Class?

Silence. Envy it, swim in it, want to be become it? are silent...