How to Become as Popular as Your Friend?

Answer Are you feeling a bit jealous of that popular girl ? Ok, here's how to get to number one.

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Will my friend become more popular if she becomes diabetic?

I think you're overestimating the amount that other people will care. I know kids with diabetes, and it's no big deal, I doubt their friends even know or really understand. The sad thing is that ... Read More »

How to Tell Your Popular Friend You Just "Want to Fit In"?

Do you want to fit in? Or do you want to be popular? If you have a popular friend, you can use a one-on-one as a confession time to tell her you "want to fit in" just like her. Here's how!

How to Teach Your Best Friend How to Act Around Popular Guys?

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How to Get over the Fact Your Friend Left You for the Popular Crowd?

You're devastated. Your friend--maybe even your best friend--left you for the popular crowd. Maybe she's teasing you for being unpopular. She isn't your true friend. She is just a user and possibly... Read More »