How to Become an Oracle Consultant?

Answer Oracle is one of the biggest integrated hardware and software businesses in the world, with 40 percent of the international database market. Oracle provides advanced applications for businesses, mo... Read More »

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How to Connect to an Oracle 9 Server With the Oracle 10g Client?

There are certain restrictions when connecting to an Oracle 9 Server from the Oracle 10g Client. For the Oracle 10.2.0 Client, it is not possible to connect to a 9.0.1, 9.2.01,, or ... Read More »

What is Oracle SQL?

Oracle SQL is a dialect of the Structured Query Language otherwise known as PL/SQL. It is the primary language to manage, create and manipulate data in an Oracle database.Brief Definition of SQLStr... Read More »

How do you scan using Oracle?

Oracle? Oracle's a company well known for their enterprise database systems. I have *no* idea whatsoever what you mean here, because you didn't give anywhere *near* enough detail for your question ... Read More »

How to Use SQL Variables in Oracle?

SQL stands for Structured Query Language and is used by database developers to retrieve, update and insert data into databases. PL/SQL, or Programming Language/SQL, augments SQL by providing featur... Read More »