How to Become an Immigration Lawyer?

Answer Once you know how to become an immigration lawyer, you can work in the area of law that focuses on helping non-native-born people interested in living and working in the United States. As an immigr... Read More »

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How much education is needed to become an immigration lawyer?

Immigration lawyers use their knowledge of naturalization regulations and forms to assist immigrants. They may assist their clients with filing visa, asylum and naturalization applications, interna... Read More »

Immigration Lawyer Requirements?

As with most professional careers, the field of immigration law has requirements and prerequisites potential lawyers must meet before they're allowed to practice law. A good education, internships ... Read More »

How can a lawyer help in an immigration case?

Dealing with the process of immigration can be a difficult process in the best of times, but there can be many occasions in which there are significant difficulties with completion. An immigration ... Read More »

Does an immigration lawyer do paperwork for visas?

Lawyers can choose what services they provide, so not all lawyers will provide the same services. Most immigration lawyers, however, will complete visa applications as part of their immigration pra... Read More »