How to Become an Immigration Lawyer?

Answer Once you know how to become an immigration lawyer, you can work in the area of law that focuses on helping non-native-born people interested in living and working in the United States. As an immigr... Read More »

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How much does an immigration lawyer charge?

Lawyers can charge a considerable amount of money for immigration, starting at $200 for a work authorization and going on up to $12,000 for a full visa package. These fees vary between lawyers and ... Read More »

How can a lawyer help in an immigration case?

Dealing with the process of immigration can be a difficult process in the best of times, but there can be many occasions in which there are significant difficulties with completion. An immigration ... Read More »

Immigration Lawyer Requirements?

As with most professional careers, the field of immigration law has requirements and prerequisites potential lawyers must meet before they're allowed to practice law. A good education, internships ... Read More »

What is the average salary of an immigration lawyer?

According to, the average yearly salary for an immigration lawyer is about $44,000. Of course, certain factors will help determine actual salary, such as an individual's educational and ... Read More »