How to Become an Expat?

Answer Whether for political, social, religious reasons or just for the sense of adventure, becoming an Expat can be a rewarding experience.

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How to Find a Job As an Expat?

Moving to a new country can be both an exciting and scary experience. Finding a new job can be a real challenge. Especially maneuvering through job search engines that provide jobs in a language fo... Read More »

Expat Relocation Information?

When your employer presents you with an expatriate or international assignment opportunity, it may be a surprise or an anticipated turn of events. Expatriate assignments are widely used by organiza... Read More »

Expat Shield, Starting VPN process?

HS is run by an advertising company that boasts they can geotarget people anywhere in the world and anytime. Their service is the backbone of a datamining company that scans everything you do and r... Read More »

What does expat mean?

Expat is commonly recognized as a shortened form of the word "expatriate." An expatriate is a person that resides, either temporarily or permanently, in a country other than where they originate or... Read More »