How to Become an Effective Barista?

Answer You've drunk it, but do you know how to make it?"I'd like a grande in a venti half-caf nonfat no foam with whip extra hot caramel drizzle latte". You hear that in the middle of a morning rush, but ... Read More »

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Can I apply for Starbucks as Barista even if I don't have any expirience as a Barista?

What's it like working as a barista?

Like any other job.Put in your time and make the best of it.

Need help from a Starbucks barista!?

it takes less than a minute. yes you can make a cup of foam....?

How much could you make working as a barista in NYC?

About $8 - $9/hourly, not including tips, which can be pretty good if the place is busy during your shift.