How to Become an Effective Barista?

Answer You've drunk it, but do you know how to make it?"I'd like a grande in a venti half-caf nonfat no foam with whip extra hot caramel drizzle latte". You hear that in the middle of a morning rush, but ... Read More »

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Can I apply for Starbucks as Barista even if I don't have any expirience as a Barista?

How to Become an Effective Sniper in Battlefield 2?

Image:Battlefield 2 Expert Resupply.jpgThis article will show you how to effectively snipe from short and long range in Battlefield 2. Stay alive in close quarters combat as a sniper unit.

How quickly does the flu shot become effective?

On One Hand: Flu Shot Works in Two WeeksAccording to the Centers for Disease Control, it takes around two weeks from the time you get vaccinated for your body to develop flu antibodies.On the Other... Read More »

When did Medicare Prescription Plan D become effective?

Medicare Plan Part D, otherwise known as the Voluntary Prescription Drug Benefit Program, became effective on January 1, 2006. The program arose from an amendment to the Social Security program und... Read More »