How to Become an Army Pilot?

Answer Becoming an Army pilot for the U.S. Army means learning to pilot Army rotary wing aircraft, such as the famous Apache, Black Hawk, Chinook and Kiowa Warrior helicopters. If you become an Army aviat... Read More »

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Who is the most decorated United States Army Air Corps pilot in World War two?

Richard Bong he accumulated 63 kills using a P-38 Lighting in the Pacific Campaign and was credited for shooting down a Japanese bomber containing a Japanese Admiral

Can I still become an Army pilot if I currently have two screws in the knuckle of my right ring finger I have full mobility of the finger without any problems at all?

There is a policy that gives Commanders the right to do what is in the best interest of their unit and the mission. Sometimes that involves making difficult choices. I served in the Army for more t... Read More »

Does the USCAV.COM sell U.S Army PT t-shirt Army PT shorts Army PT pants Army PT jacket?

I don't know whether they sell Army pt shirts, pants, etc., but I did come across a cool store called SoldierCity which sells Army training clothes. Me and my boyfriend just got a couple of pairs o... Read More »

What is easier to became a Navy pilot or an Air Force pilot?

It of course depends on who you ask, but in general, training for Naval Aviators is more difficult than it is for Air Force pilots. The primary difference is that AF pilots don't have to train to l... Read More »