How to Become an Aid Worker for the UN?

Answer United Nations aid workers perform a variety of tasks in many of the poorest and most dangerous parts of the world, from distributing vaccines in southern Africa to building houses in Afghanistan. ... Read More »

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Is an adoption worker different from a social worker?

How do I ask a co-worker to go out with me?

The best way is to decide what you want - a friendship or relationship. Also decide the profile of the sort of person you want to meet - age, profession and location.Simply ask them if they care fo... Read More »

How to Say No to a Co worker?

When faced with a co-worker who regularly asks you to help complete his work, there will be a time when you no longer want to be taken advantage of. For this reason, you may be faced with having to... Read More »

What does it take to become a social worker?

Social workers work with a variety of people such as toddlers, teenagers and the elderly on a variety of issues such as homelessness, divorce and depression. They work in hospitals, mental health c... Read More »