How to Become an Actuarial Analyst?

Answer Actuaries are the mathematics and probability experts who advise insurance companies, pension funds and governments about possible financial risks from a variety of causes. Actuaries also advise on... Read More »

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The Job Description of an Actuarial Analyst?

An actuarial analyst, or actuary, is a professional who uses data to measure risk for organizations such as insurance companies and other financial services businesses, according to Education-Porta... Read More »

Define Insurance Actuarial?

"Insurance actuarial" is a colloquial term for "insurance actuary" sometimes used by laymen outside of the field of insurance. "Actuarial" is correctly used as an adjective, yet the public sometime... Read More »

Actuarial Master's Programs?

Actuaries must have knowledge of business, finance and statistics to assess and manage risk. After analyzing a company's data to determine potential problems and costs, an actuary will devise plans... Read More »

Top Universities For Actuarial Science?

After becoming a formal mathematical discipline sometime in the 17th century, actuarial science was used for the insurance companies to analyze statistics pertinent to determining the risks of actu... Read More »